Bespoke Commissions

Creating your ideal work of art

I am a firm believer that everyone should be able to have access to art they love, art that speaks to them. In addition to my ready to buy range I offer a range of options and styles for bespoke work.

The majority of my work is digitally created but I also work in traditional mediums including pen for illustrations and gouache paint.

Start the process

I can work with all standards of reference photographs to create your own personalised work of art. Small blurry images are not necessarily an issue as they are only used as references.

Please note that you must either own copyright to the image (i.e. you took the image yourself) or be able to produce written confirmation on request, that you have a license from the photographer that allows the image to be used as a reference image.

Your images transformed

True art works, every stroke unique

Unlike some digital pieces every part of my digital art works are hand drawn or painted. No overlays or actions, all my works are created with lifelike pen or brush tools utilising a graphics pen & tablet which produce true to life results.

My illustrations are often created with a good old pen (yes including a unicorn topped one!), and brushes, paints and a palette come out for my paintings.


Starting prices as below include 30×20″ digital file where applicable.
Each image will be individually quoted according to complexity. Prints available at additional cost for digital products. Hand drawn items include postage to mainland UK, international orders may incur a postage surcharge.

Rainbow Silhouettes – £45

Digital Drawings
Digital Illustrations – £75
Digital Paintings – £200

Hand drawn Illustrations
C5 or 6×6″ Greeting Cards – £35
A4 with Mount – £75
(larger sizes available)

Gouache Painting
Starting at A4 – £250

Please note the above are starting prices and each commission will be quoted individually depending on requirements


Created with love, care & attention


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[email protected]


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